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The First Cinema in Vietnam Has E-commerce Tracking


Google Analytics e-commerce tracking is a powerful tool which enables businesses to map their website data (sessions, page views, bounce rate, etc.) with transaction data (orders, revenue). They can fully know which traffic sources are bringing most of the customers, which products are the best sellers on their site, how their customers look like and so on. For a long time, Galaxy Cinema has driven a lot of traffic to their site but without knowing how many sales they could get and which traffic sources they should invest in. After implementing Google Analytics, all of these questions can be answered fully and they can make better decisions by data, not by guessing anymore.

How did we do that?

First of all, we analyzed what data they have and then a DataLayer has been created to contain different data for different pages. We got a table as below:

We used the Google Tag Manager to manage all of our tracking tags. This is a great tool to get the right data to push to the right tags without effort.

What can the can client do with Google Analytics?

First thing first, they can know how many online transactions and revenue are generated daily:

Performance of product sold in details

Understand which marketing channels are driving most sales for them:

Build custom reports to deep dive into their business performance:

And more

Tin Le