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Lazada SEO

Digital Marketing, SEO


Lazada is the biggest e-commerce site in Vietnam so SEO for this huge and complicated site was a real challenge. While working as the SEO manager for Lazada Vietnam, I found that the main challenges were lacking of standard SEO processes including site audit, link building, content creation, SEO guidelines… and huge of duplicate contents on the site was really painful because Lazada is allowing sellers to produce product contents and upload by themselves.


The first thing needed to do was conducting SEO guidelines included SEO content writing, link-building, meta data writing, site audit, product content writing. With these SEO guidelines, SEO team can easily follow to apply SEO standards and be more efficient in their works.

The second step was building SEO processes to remove off no-value tasks and automate manual tasks like indexing, link-building, meta data optimizations…

The finally, a comprehensive site audit was conducted to state out all existing SEO problems including wrong indexed pages, duplicate contents, site speed, broken links, bad contents… which had reduced site performances.


Daily organic traffic has increased 40% on April 2017 (in comparison with October 2016).

Tin Le